India needs an intermediary platform to enhance and help raise new talents from the ground up. By developing this website, we aim to bridge the gap between the athlete and respective sport organization.

Even though rural youths are talented in many sports, a mechanism to spot their talent, nurture them to show a substantial rise in their respective sport, is missing. It’s high time something was done to bridge this gap. For instance, a web application can be introduced, where on entering sports of interest and specialization, gender, age, district, state, a rural youth is made aware of the opportunities near him which he/she is eligible for. Support could also be extended from Sports Authorities’ side in the form of advanced training or otherwise.

Feature Highlight

Some of the major highlights that help to bridge the gap

Resume Generator

Generates a fully-formatted resume for the athletes based on a simple form.

Fund Collection Generator

A full-fledged fund collection page for financially weak athletes along with one tap shareable links on various platforms.

Latest Updated News

A one stop hub for all news and information pertaining to each sport.

Supports all regional translations

Considering the fact that the target audience is rural athletes, we have incorporated a one tap translation feature which supports all the regional languages.

Training Videos & Rules

Training videos meant for athletes to strengthen their grasp on the fundamentals of the respective games.

Nearby Stadiums & Training Centers

Google Place API used to track the nearby training centers and grounds that users can find so as to practice whenever they want.